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28 Nov 2015 

Elvis Presley Estate Sued For $130 Million By King's 'Real Daughter'

A Swedish woman who for more than two decades has been trying to convince everyone that she's Elvis Presley's real daughter and that Lisa Marie Presley has stolen her identity, has filed a lawsuit against the Presley family claiming more than $130 million in damages for defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

Lisa Johansen gained some notoriety after publishing in 1998 a memoir entitled, "I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter."

In the book, she told the story of how after Elvis died in 1977, Priscilla Look At This Presley left America while fearing for her daughter's safety. Forced to assume a new identity for her own protection, Johansen says she struggled to reclaim her name and heritage. To show she's the rightful heir of the huge Presley estate, Johansen also reportedly pointed to some evidence, such as a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie Presley.

At the time of the book's publishing, the odd story gained some press attention, but it quickly lost its luster after Johansen reportedly refused to take a DNA test. In 2000, the Texas-based publisher of "I, Lisa Marie," which had given her a $200,000 advance to write the book, sued her for $50 million for damaging sales of the book.

Johansen became mostly forgotten, subject to occasional Internet rumors, but she hasn't backed off of her claims. Recently, she's pressed authorities in the UK to investigate possible identity theft, and a few months ago, on the anniversary of Elvis' death, she showed up at Graceland and had conversations with some of the staff.

This led the Presley family to reach out to Marty Singer, the pitbull Hollywood look these up attorney, who in August fired off a warning letter to Johansen's representatives. In the letter, Singer advised that the "malicious false claims and offensive wrongful conduct" of Johansen would no longer be tolerated and that it would lead to action if the woman didn't restrain herself.

So Johansen reacted by filing her own lawsuit a week ago in Tennessee federal court against the Presley estate. The woman says that the family has been attempting to intimidate her and has been spreading lies about her. She says that she went to Graceland by invitation and that the defendants are attempting to harass her away from her claims.

Meanwhile, the whole bizarre mystery might be put to rest soon enough. According to one of documents she submitted in this case, Johansen consented to a DNA test from London authorities in 2010.

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16 Nov 2015 

When dealing in real estate purchase what does the term "Stock Cooperative" mean?

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09 Nov 2015 

How a flat iron works

A flat iron temporarily changes the structure of the hair through the application of heat. A flat iron straightens hair in a combination of two ways. First, the flat iron works by breaking down the keratin in the hair follicle. It is the keratin, the principal protein in hair, which causes hair to curl hair straightener when it dries. The heat from the flat iron softens the keratin and flattens and straightens it via the clamping mechanism on the device.

Second, the existence of excess negative ions assists in the straightening of the hair. Negative ions are introduced through the type of coating that is used on the irons plate.

Hair carries positive electrical charges that are caused by friction involved with hair movement and other factors. These positive electrical charges make hair appear dull, dry, and unhealthy. This appearance is caused by the open hair cuticles along the entire length of each hair strand.

Negative ions produced by the different flat iron coatings cancel out the positive electrical charges found naturally in hair. Negative ions in excess of the cancelled out positive ions are then present, and these negative ions close the cuticle on the hair shaft, resulting in smoother, straighter hair. Negative ions also seal in the natural and applied moisture on the hair, which helps to protect the hair from heat damage.

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08 Nov 2015 

Review - Body Surfing

She expects the sojourn to be restful and recuperative. What she doesn't expect is meeting the two handsome, competitive, and fascinating brothers. Sydney's life has taken several unexpected turns in the last few years. First she was married to a stunt pilot, whose dangerous profession finally got the better of her and she divorced him. Later, she married a doctor who, ironically, died while at work of a brain aneurism.

Now, 29 and suddenly single, Sydney is trying to decide how to continue her life. A summer at the New Hampshire shore, tutoring the Edwards' slow-learning daughter sounds like just the solution. Mrs. Edwards, however, is less than welcoming. With small gestures, she makes it clear that Sydney is part of the staff, not the family. Her husband, a retired professor, couldn't be more open and down-to-earth and Sydney feels an immediate connection with him.

Jeff and Ben

Several weeks into her stay with the Edwardses, the sons of the house show up for a weekend. Ben sells real estate and Jeff is a professor. Even though Jeff has a girlfriend, both men seem enraptured with Sydney, intensely and competitively so. Soon, Sydney is in the midst of old rivalries and tensions she doesn't even begin to understand.

A Love Triangle

Body Surfing is typical of Anita Shreve in that it takes a straightforward love story and adds a slightly dark twist to it. As always, there are unexpected wrinkles to the story and surprising plot turns. Fans of earlier Shreve works will note that the former owner of the Edwardes beach house in this novel was the pilot and his wife of her earlier novel.

Anita Shreve is an immensely readable novelist with well-constructed sentences and expertly-chosen words. This latest work is one of her best.

About Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve is a former high school teacher and the author of 13 novels, the most well-known of which is The Pilot's Wife, which was chosen by Oprah Winfrey in 1999 as one of her book club selections. Ms. Shreve is a past recipient of the PEN/L.L Winship award and the New England Book Award for fiction. Two of her novels -- The Pilot's Wife and The Weight of Water -- have been made into movies. Anita Shreve lives in Massachusetts with her husband and five children.

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